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In the world of digital currency gaming, there’s often quite a big focus on the casinos that are the most technologically advanced. With all of the latest in Flash, HTML5, and Live Dealer games, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really going on beneath the surface and the reason players are actually getting into the whole casino experience: the games themselves. For players seeking a more purist casino that simply does what it says on the tin, then BitsPoker is an easy recommendation. It’s not based on glitz and glamour. It’s simply a casino that aims, by their own statement, to “do away with the empty tables” routinely found on casino floors and to eliminate all of the unnecessary hassles associated with cryptocurrency transfer. BitsPoker is, in a nutshell, a simple poker-based Bitcoin casino that connects poker players together through the digital currency and removes all of the boundaries and shackles usually associated with fiat currency gaming.

BitsPoker is one of the newest names on the block and was created in 2013. However, during its short three years of existence, BitsPoker has been able to accumulate a rather mixed message of player opinions when it comes to what’s on offer. While many enjoy the very quick, responsive games that are technology-friendly and simply work on different devices and operating systems, some players have had different experiences when it comes to withdrawing their winnings to their Bitcoin wallet. There are promises in place of instant transfers, but in actual practice BitsPoker can take up to 48 hours to complete a withdrawal request. It seems that larger transfers will take longer to complete, which is understandably the case as it will take longer to process more coins through the block chain, but larger transfers do appear to take longer than the industry norms of minutes. Instead, players will sometimes wait hours or days.

We find this is a bit concerning in the long haul, but have no reason to doubt the casino’s financial state as our own testing revealed transactions taking place in a matter of minutes. The website was hacked on two occasions during the earliest parts of its existence and some believe this is still an issue today, but these security issues have since been resolved.

BitsPoker Games and Software

BitsPoker is entirely web based and currently uses HTML5 to present its games. BitsPoker formerly used Flash for its games, but security concerns forced them to transfer to a far more basic yet stable platform in HTML5. What this means for the end user is there is now complete cross-compatibility amongst digital devices. Whether players are choosing to access BitsPoker with their PC, mobile phone or tablet, they can rest assured that the experience in their browsers will be exactly the same at home as it will be on the move. It also means that it is very quick to load, responsive, and generally speedy throughout the entire gameplay experience.

There are only three poker variants on offer at BitsPoker: No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo. These are undoubtedly the most popular of the modern poker games and are sure to please most players, but with so few games on offer, we do feel the platform is a bit on the incomplete side of things. After all, there are certainly a lot of different types of poker games in the modern casino and we’d perhaps like to see more incorporated over time. However, what is on offer here is rock-solid in terms of its stability and playability. It performs similarly whether on a PC or a mobile phone, so there’s nothing stopping players from starting a long-winded tournament or even a SNG on their computers and ending up in bed on their phones.

BitsPoker Deposits and Withdrawals

BitsPoker is exclusively a Bitcoin casino and only accepts transactions taking place in BTC. However, the games themselves are not calculated in BTC. Instead, players will find games are conducted in “chips”. The current conversion rate is 1 chip equals 0.25 satoshi, which means a full coin will give players four million chips to play with. This value is more than enough to compete in even the highest of table limits and will keep players going for quite some time.

BitsPoker also has an interesting stance on their rake. While they collect a 2% commission for the house, they will not do so on hands that don’t make it to the flop. That is, if all of the players fold before revealing the initial three cards in a Hold’em game, the rake will be refunded to players. It is their “no flop, no drop” rule and it’s one of the main features that attracts so many players to this casino.

BitsPoker Bonuses

BitsPoker doesn’t offer much by the way of bonuses. At the moment, the platform only gives a 30% commission on the rake of referred players, which means players who are in it for the bonuses and perks won’t find a lot in this casino unless they’re coming equipped with a fleet of friends and family alongside them.


BitsPoker has undoubtedly had a hard time in the cryptocurrency gaming world. From very humble beginnings to a very humble present, the platform hasn’t done much to attract players in hordes due to its simplicity. However, we firmly believe that there is an art in its simplicity. It really does what it sets out to do by providing an easy to use, quick poker game that takes places entirely in Bitcoin and allows players from all over the world to get in on the action. Thanks to its recent improvements in security and support, BitsPoker is a casino that’s worth recommending for those who are solely seeking a basic poker room without any of the frills associated with bigger casinos. It’s a particularly good option for those using older computers or mobile phones, as the software isn’t likely to tax a web browser significantly, but it’s certainly a card room that can be used by all players regardless of the technology they’re bringing to the virtual table.