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Being able to stay anonymous through digital currencies is one of the leading perks that draws players to signing up for one of the many cryptocurrency casinos on the Internet today. However, many players are under the impression that all cryptocurrency use affords them with immediate protection and anonymity when making transactions online: particularly to services that might be deemed illicit to some credit providers or banks, like casino games. Unfortunately, they’re in for a rude awakening when they find out this isn’t the truth. Yes, Bitcoin and other digital currencies do provide some degree of user protection and casino operators who are committed to privacy will ensure that information related to their players remains private at all times, but this isn’t the case for every single operator. IceCasino is one of these operators who accept Bitcoin, but are not entirely private.

IceCasino has had a troubled history since its creation four years ago. They have had a wealth of player complaints ranging from poor customer support to serious withdrawal issues and non-payment. Slow payments and not playing its players altogether are two things the operator appears to have given itself the liberty to do in its terms and conditions, too. In the interest of protecting themselves against money laundering, the casino “may restrict you from withdrawing funds from Your Account” (6.3). This is something that players regularly bring up as an issue when it comes to withdrawing their winnings and any collection process is difficult at the best of times. Many players simply choose to abandon their winnings in the end. There are also reports that several credit card issuers are reportedly automatically declining deposit transactions involving IceCasino due to “prevalent fraud”.

IceCasino has gone to great lengths to combat these issues though. A recent registration with eCOGRA has allowed them to prove their payout rate and, while they aren’t in line with the cryptocurrency standard provably fair system, the casino does provide excellent average rates of just over 97% for table games. On the other hand, poker has a payout rate of just under 60%, which many players have called into question and some actively avoid IceCasino’s card room altogether. eCOGRA have also certified IceCasino’s random number generator used for roulette, blackjack, and video poker, but the casino’s certificate for this recently lapsed and hasn’t been renewed.

IceCasino Games and Software

IceCasino’s gaming platform was designed by MicroGaming, who have provided the software for quite a few modern digital currency casinos over the past few years. This casino in particular has a strong focus on slots with 127 out of the 177 available options at the moment being made up of modern, fully-3D slot machines and the rest being standard table games, bingo, and miscellaneous games. What we particularly like is the ability to filter out a lot of the modern slot machines by clicking on the respective three-reel option in the filter menu, which only displays the available standard casino slot machines without the additional frill that modern games tend to bring.

Unfortunately, the usefulness of the search function ends there. Each game is indexed by its title and trying to find a specific machine without knowing its name can be a bit of a chore. Players will often have to go through the list manually in order to find what it is they’re looking for. The search bar isn’t all that intuitive either. For example, the term “slot” doesn’t yield a single result despite the casino being mostly slot machine based.

IceCasino is mobile friendly and loads a highly optimized website on mobile devices, which makes the platform a particularly good option for players on the move. This is also combined with its exceptionally quick load times for Flash-based casino games, which is difficult to find in the digital currency gaming world.

IceCasino Banking Options

IceCasino supports transactions being made in Bitcoin, US Dollars, Russian Rubles, and Turkish Liras. These transactions take place through a number of different payment processors depending on the currency being used and include Qiwi, Yandex, Skrill, and Netteller among others. All BitCoin transactions are processed through OKPay rather than a direct wallet-to-wallet transaction, which is the trait that compromises player anonymity since the processor keeps detailed records on its transactions to comply with assorted government legislation.

Surprisingly, IceCasino does not accept players from the United States despite allowing transactions in USD. Similarly, there is no Bitcoin withdrawal option and players will be forced to convert their winnings to a fiat currency based on the website’s established exchange and withdrawal fees. Actually getting these winnings is another issue altogether. IceCasino’s payment history is very hit and miss with successful payments seeming to come in waves rather than being the regular day-to-day procedure. Much like the games of chance featured on the casino, actually getting a hold of any winnings is simply luck of the draw according to many players.

IceCasino Bonuses

IceCasino offers a 10% deposit bonus for first-time deposits that must be activated within two hours of registering on the website. The bonus credit is also subject to a 20x rollover amount in order to become a part of the player’s personal winnings. Players will become eligible to receive this deposit bonus again after the two-hour initial timer has expired, but the operator must manually reactivate it on a player’s profile should they wish to redeem it again. This means players will need to get in touch with the website’s technical support, which is reportedly slow at the best of times and more responsive in Russian compared to English.


IceCasino has too few redeeming qualities for us to make any sort of recommendation. As gamers, we chase the most lucrative jackpots and expect our winnings to be paid out in a timely manner. Unfortunately, IceCasino doesn’t confidently offer either of these aspects of digital currency gaming. Yes, a few select players will be paid out quickly and they’ll likely be none the wiser to what’s really going on with the rest of the player base around them, but this isn’t how a casino should work in our eyes. Well, not a casino that we would happily steer our readers towards. It’s a sign of the times when these sorts of casinos still exist on the Internet today and there’s still quite a bit of work to be done by everyone in the gaming scene: including players who must actively avoid these sorts of set ups. Thankfully, this is the easy part and there are several digital currency casinos worth recommending online today.