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Atypical casino platforms are becoming more common these days thanks to digital currencies and is no exception. Players aren’t going to find slot machines, the roulette wheel, or card tables here. Instead, what they’re going to find is a game that isn’t unlike the mechanics of the popular game show Deal or No Deal. is all about opening boxes and revealing prizes and the platform presents the game through six different game speeds, which are all effectively the same thing right down at its core.

It sounds good and we admit we found ourselves quite drawn to this platform, but looking a bit further into the mechanics of the game reveals something that might be a bit suspicious. The platform isn’t registered with the provably fair scheme, which is something we aren’t too keen on, but we’re not about to say that players will only find fair games on provably fair digital currency casinos. What’s more important here is that the mechanics of the game seem to be fair on the surface. Some deeper digging showed that this might not be the case. Games and Software is based on proprietary software built specifically for the website and is effectively a point and click game that roughly conforms to HTML5 standards. Despite its technical simplicity, isn’t the most mobile friendly game on the Internet today. Loading the website on a mobile device will render the desktop version of the website in all cases and will make the text extremely small unless a player is using a larger tablet. The boxes and prompts are virtually unreadable from a distance on mobile phones and players will need to zoom in and out quite frequently in order to try and navigate around the game. It does work on a functional level, but the gameplay experience isn’t all that great with the constant panning and zooming in and out using the two-touch finger gesture. In fact, we found ourselves unnecessarily clicking on a couple of boxes when we were trying to zoom in and out that sapped away some of our credit.

So, what is the game? It is just a matter of clicking numbered boxes in hopes of revealing a prize. Each of the boxes displayed on the game will require players to have a certain amount of credits available to open that box. These amounts fluctuate hugely throughout the day and based on the game, but the value of the box will always increase as more boxes are opened on a particular game or when there are fewer boxes overall when a player joins a game in progress. We didn’t particularly like that the boxes were simply going up in value as we randomly clicked around and we’re somewhat inclined to suspect that the developers of the game could easily rig odds for the house when needed. Without a standard like provably fair in place it’s hard to prove otherwise, too.

The game is multiplayer in nature and prizes are only awarded if players find the grand prize box within a set time and no other player finds a winning box after the grand prize is revealed. If another player does manage to find another winning box, then the grand prize will be reassigned to an available box and the game will continue into an overtime session. The game will continue until there are two boxes left on the screen and obviously one will contain the grand prize. However, if a player selects the losing box and an opponent doesn’t choose the winning box within the remaining time, then nobody will walk away from the game a winner.

We really don’t want to play the role of conspiracy theorist here, but the mechanics of the game are awkward at best. With that being said, we were able to rack up a few wins, which paid out without any issues. However, it was always in the back of our minds that something is a bit amiss. Banking Options is a Bitcoin digital casino that exclusively uses BTC. Unlike other Bitcoin casinos though, shared wallets are not allowed and players must have their own personal wallet before making a deposit. Players should also note that the website does not accept players from the United States of America. Deposits and withdrawals are not subject to any fees and deposits do not require confirmations through the block chain unless a player requests confirmation passes. However, all withdrawals are subject to confirmation passes. Withdrawals are nonetheless quick and all funds should arrive in a player’s wallet within minutes. Bonuses does not offer a standard bonus program that would be more routinely seen on other Bitcoin casinos. However, the platform does offer incentives to interact with the community through its social media channels.’s Twitter and Facebook accounts often feature promotional codes for deposits, which can increase a deposit by as much as 30% depending on the code being used. also offers an affiliate program for users who recruit new members. All players who refer active members will receive a 15% bonus credit on their accounts depending on their friends’ winnings.


Digital currency casinos are all about innovative technologies and the game at is certainly one worth considering if you’re tired of the standard fare from casinos. However, it doesn’t come without a warning and that particular warning is to keep your eyes peeled throughout the gameplay experience. We don’t suspect that the website is “out to get” its players in any way, shape, or form, but the mechanics do allow for it on some evil level. We’d like to see join a provably fair scheme to help alleviate our concerns and we would recommend approaching this platform with caution until that happens.