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Bitcoin poker rooms as a whole have exploded in popularity over the past five years. This is partly thanks to the US government’s involvement in the Black Friday shutdown of April 2011, but it’s more aptly credited to the safety and security that Bitcoin transactions provide players. In a world where casino players are becoming more hesitant about using fiat currencies, digital currency casinos and Bitcoin poker rooms have filled a very large gap in a player’s concern for personal safety on the Internet and their need for an exciting online poker experience.

However, there are still quite a few players who are completely new to the Bitcoin gaming scene and are at a loss for how everything works. Fortunately, they will ultimately find that Bitcoin poker rooms work roughly the same as they’ve been exposed to in the fiat currency scene. There are a few hidden advantages and benefits to using Bitcoin poker rooms though. They are:

Fast Processing

Players who are familiar with the slowness of fiat currency poker rooms will breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to the speed of Bitcoin poker rooms. Players won’t have to wait for credits to reach an account, for deposits to clear into a bankroll, and withdrawals won’t be measured in weeks or even months. New players will instead find that transactions are near enough instantaneous and withdrawals process at lightning quick speed. Many Bitcoin poker rooms process chips as soon as the flop, turn, and river when playing Hold’em, so there’s next to no wait when it comes time for a player to move onto another table or withdraw their winnings.


Online poker players in the United States were brought to a halt in 2011 due to actions by the US government. While players themselves were not held accountable for their actions, there is an imminent fear that government actions could target their own personal activities and restrict access to their winnings or even seize them altogether. With Bitcoin poker rooms, there is no trace of a player’s activities beyond what is logged in the Bitcoin block chain and this itself is nothing more than a series of letters and numbers similar to a randomly generated WiFi password. The encrypted nature of Bitcoin means players cannot be personally identified by their actions unless they intentionally reveal their own activities on the network.

What’s more is that the layer of anonymity means there is virtually no chance of waking up to a frozen account, restricted access to a bankroll, or a platform disappearing altogether thanks to government action. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and no one government or person can claim ownership over the supply. If it is available today, then there is every likelihood that it will continue to be available tomorrow and only operators themselves are in charge of their destiny rather than a sudden government-enforced action.


While fiat currency casinos are known to have a great selection of poker games, Bitcoin poker rooms have an equivalent or even better selection of titles than those found in cash casinos. This is because the innovative nature of Bitcoin allows developers to implement different types of poker variations with relative ease and cater to different types of player bases. For example, it’s not unusual to find poker-themed Asian card games including Billabong, Shanghai, and Manila being made widely available across Bitcoin card rooms. This allows not only existing niche players to find games with ease, but also new players to expand their poker repertoire without any additional investment on their behalf besides learning the mechanics and reading gameplay guides.

Advanced Technologies

Fiat currency casinos don’t tend to break the mold. They know what works and what players want. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this sort of approach, but it does mean all of the casinos can end up blending together and nothing really sticks out. Bitcoin poker rooms aren’t like that. While they will offer staple games that are presented similarly across the board in terms of their game mechanics, the poker games in Bitcoin poker rooms will likely do things just a little bit differently in terms of their graphics, their layout, or even how the games are presented on a player’s screen. For example, Bitcoin casinos are well-known to offer live dealer technology, which also applies to Bitcoin poker rooms. Here, players will be connected with a live dealer hosting a poker game remotely and will be able to watch the action unfold in front of them as they would in a traditional brick and mortar casino.

Limited Commitment

Most fiat currency casinos will try to lock players into some sort of commitment. Whether it is the promise of increasing bonuses over time or a VIP program that gets better as players continue to play on the platform, operators always look to keep players around for as long as possible. While Bitcoin poker rooms aren’t strangers to this sort of practice, the digital currency network by its very nature means players won’t be stuck in long term commitments if they don’t want to be. Whatever is on their bankroll is theirs to withdraw as soon as it is available, so players don’t need to wait around to meet rollover requirements in order to have certain funds move into their own personal bankroll. If it’s there, then it’s yours and players can leave Bitcoin poker rooms at any time they please if there is a better deal elsewhere.