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Like most other Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks, Rivalo is a relative newcomer that is still actively making a name for itself. With that being said, we are excited about what this new site has to offer. No matter what type of gambler you consider yourself to be, this new site has everything you could want and then some. Not to mention, new features and games are being added all the time.

The site primarily advertises itself as a bitcoin sportsbook, but with a live casino option it is very clearly much more than that. The setup of Rivalo lends itself to user-friendliness. The design is simplistic, featuring a predominantly white background with blue and orange trim. The homepage wastes no time in getting you in on the action seeing as it features the day’s top events front and center. As opposed to other sites that jam bonuses, promotions, and a bunch of other useless information onto the homepage, Rivalo is a refreshing change from the ordinary. In addition to the top events of the day being featured, just about any other betting market can be accessed directly from the homepage. If you came to Rivalo in search of their casino games, not to worry because just one click will redirect you to the site’s live casino page.

Games and Software at Rivalo

If the sports betting aspect of Rivalo is not what you are looking for, the casino aspect of the site has everything you could want and then some. In total, there are more than 130 casino games available at Rivalo, covering video slots, classic slots, video poker, table games, and a section for other games. Even though there are well over 130 games, about 100 of them are video slots. If we are talking generally about the slot selection on the site, video slots make up the overwhelming majority. As far as classic slots are concerned, there are about 5 total games. This may be disappointing to some, but classic slots are quickly being replaced by new-age video slots.

As far as table games are concerned, there are a little more than 15 games available, including: blackjack, roulette, stud, and baccarat. There are other, more obscure games such as red dog, double exposure, and oasis poker, but it is clear to see that video slots are what Rivalo promotes first and foremost.

For all of their casino games, Rivalo utilizes Net Entertainment as their main software provider. NetEnt is one of the premier names in casino software and has attained a great standing in the eyes of the public. At Rivalo the one complaint we have is that many of the games load slowly. While this is not something that happens all the time and is not a major inconvenience, it has been talked about by multiple people online.

Rivalo also features a live casino by which you can play most of your favorite casino games. Games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Texas hold’em all exist and are live-streaming 24 hours a day 7 days a week. While the traditional casino games are sometimes slow to load, we experienced no problems loading and playing Rivalo’s live games.

Betting Markets Offered

As was mentioned earlier, the sports betting aspect of Rivalo is promoted above all else. As soon as you begin looking through the different betting markets it becomes immediately apparent that soccer is far and away the top sport to be one. Featuring all the top leagues from England, France, Spain, and Italy, as well as many others, there is always soccer to bet on at Rivalo. On any given day, there are literally multiple thousands of bets that can be placed on soccer matches. Just because the top betting markets are the leagues from Europe, there are soccer bets able to be made on leagues and games from Asia, North America, South America, and just about everywhere else.

It is pretty easy to see that Rivalo caters to a North American audience due to the existence of many baseball, basketball, American football, and hockey betting markets. If you are an avid bettor on leagues such as the NHL and NFL, you can rest-assured knowing that all of those games will be represented on Rivalo. Though this site is not very big on more obscure betting markets, they do exist. Sports like snooker, handball, and futsal are all represented on Rivalo.

What we really love about Rivalo is the live betting that is available. On most high-profile matches/games, you will find in-game betting that allows you to follow the action and place wagers accordingly. Before you even expand an individual game’s wagers, the sports betting aspect of Rivalo will let you know whether the game is a featured live bet. Just like the live casino, the live betting application functions well as seen by the many positive reviews we found online.

Rivalo Banking Options

Being that this is a bitcoin casino and sportsbook, it goes without saying that you are able to both deposit and withdraw funds via your Bitcoin wallet. In fact, by many metrics the Bitcoin banking option is the best on the site. It features a low deposit minimum, allows for large withdrawals, and is generally one of the safest ways by which you can deposit and withdraw funds from a player account.

Part of what makes Rivalo a great casino and sportsbook is the existence of plenty of other banking options in addition to bitcoin. As far as deposits are concerned, you will find the following options available to you: paysafecard, EcoPay, Neteller, Skrill, and bank transfer. Of all of these options, however, Bitcoin offers the lowest minimum as well as some of the smallest fees.

If you have done well and are looking to withdraw funds from a player account, the following options are available: paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill, bank transfer, and bitcoin. The best withdrawal method is really dependent on how much money you are looking to cash out. With that being said, you will find withdrawal minimums as low as $2. This is something you will not find at most other casinos and sportsbooks.

Rivalo Bonuses Available

When you click on the bonus section of Rivalo, you will see that two welcome bonuses stick out amongst the total of 4 or 5 bonuses available. For those who are primarily looking to take advantage of the sportsbook, first-time depositers will be presented with a 100% matching bonus on their first deposit with a total of $100 in bonus monies available to be had. This means that if you make an initial deposit of $50, you will have $100 with which to begin betting on sports.

If the casino at Rivalo is where you think you will spend most of your time, there is a similar bonus for those making their first deposit. Once you make your first purchase of chips after your first deposit, Rivalo will double your chips up to 500.


All things considered, Rivalo is a great site no matter if you are a sports bettor, casino player, or both. The fact of the matter is that this new Bitcoin casino has a plethora of betting options and is seeing that number grow all the time. On top of all of this, their mobile application is as user-friendly and functional as you can ask for. Whether we are talking about classic online casino games or betting on the upcoming soccer match, Rivalo has you covered. What’s more, their mobile application is functional on any and all smartphone/tablet device.

Through our research, the general opinion of Rivalo is positive. Apart from some of the games taking a bit longer than usual to load, we have found that people generally love the site’s offering. As time moves forward and as Rivalo generally expands its offering, I anticipate that their reputation will grow stronger.